We are an Australian owned and operated company established in December 2006 specializing in the sale of high quality European products which are designed to enhance driver comfort and safety as well as improve the overall performance of a wide range of motor vehicles driven in Australia.

In November 2013 we established our new branch Eco-Sensitive.
Our aim with Eco-Sensitive is to provide high efficient and environmentally friendly power solution which allows you to save a significantly amount of money when you use recycled vegetable oil.
We are using this German high end technology for 6 years very successful here in Australia and are convinced that this is the best alternative power solution.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry in Germany and Australia, we offer solid service combined with expert product knowledge and sound advice. We deliver products of the highest standard which are made in Germany.

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    Petra and Dirk Groening
    Emerald Beach, NSW 2456, Australia
    Phone: 0061(0)44 888 6464
    contact (at) eco-sensitive.com.au

    ABN 28149480779

  • eco-sensitive.com.au

    eco-sensitive power generation
    by using straight vegetable oil / waste vegetable oil