Diesel to vegetable oil conversion
We convert diesel-engines in cars, trucks, construction equipment, machinery, generators and CHP plants to run on straight vegetable oil – not biodiesel.

Most of the converted vehicles and generators are running on recycled vegetable oil, which has been collected free from restaurants, fish and chips shops, canteens, etc. and then has been filtered/cleaned to 1 micron.

Tests and studies have shown that heated vegetable oil has nearly the same properties as diesel fuel and burns just as effectively in most engines. On the strength of past experience almost every diesel engine can be driven with straight vegetable oil after a conversion, provided that the motor is maintained and in good repair (compression, fuel injectors, glow plugs, …).

Convert Your Diesel.

A Diesel Conversion Kit allows a diesel vehicle to fuel with SVO – straight vegetable oil!
This intelligent fuel system warms vegetable oil to ideal fuel temperature and then automatically switches from diesel fuel to vegetable oil power.

Chemical processing is not required – Just a good source of filtered oil, which can be collected as used cooking oil from restaurants, grown from a variety of crops, or purchased in bulks.

Imagine the exhilaration –

cruising around on nearly free fuel which is also better for your engine and the earth!

The ATG Vegetable Oil-Kit 2 tank system is suitable for diesel engines with in-line or distributor pumps from Bosch (except for type VP44), Diesel-Kiki, Nippon-Denso or Zexel.
The conversion on diesel engines with Bosch VP44-injection pump and unit injector is possible only by us!
The injection systems Delphi, Lucas, CAV, Stanadyne and Roto-Diesel are not suitable or only suitable to a limited extent for the use of vegetable oil.

ATG 2-Tank System with automatic switching for diesel engines to run on pure vegetable oil, new or used which is cleaned/filtered down to 1 micron.
The ATG conversion kit is available in 12 and 24 volt models and comes with detailed installation instructions.

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