The micfil ultra-fine filter cleans diesel, bio fuel and oils in engines, gearboxes, hydraulics etc. from water and very small particles down to 0.5 micron.

The main benefits of micfil ultra-fine filter for engine and transmission oil:
• 90 % reduction of oil
• 10 % less fuel
• Reduction of exhaust gas
• Reduction of downtime
• Low repair and maintenance costs
• Extension of the natural life of machines
• Environmental commitment

Save money, oil, and fuel, extend the lifespan of your equipment and protect the environment with micfil products.

The micfil ultra-fine filter
• Removes solids down to 0.5 micron
• Up to 20x better filter performance than standard filters
• Improvement of lubrication
• Longer life span due to reduction of wear
• Additives are not removed, with ultra fine filtration less consumption of additives
• conventional oil changes aren’t necessary anymore
• saving cost for repair and maintenance
• Environmental commitment;
reduction in oil consumption and waste oil disposal.
• Manufacturer engine warranty by law remains unrestricted

Up to 20 x better filter performance than standard filters

The lubrication gap in engines is approx. between 1.5 and 10 micron; these particles cause three times as much abrasion as particles bigger than 10 micron. The standard filter is not able to remove particles smaller than 10 micron meaning that standard filtration is not sufficient.

When performing an oil change approx. 15 % of old contaminated engine oil remains in the engine. This implies the new engine oil is already contaminated with damaging particles and the number of particles increase during operation which cause even more abrasion.

Equally important is that the standard filters can’t filter water which can damage the engine.

The performance of the micfil ultra-fine filter is 20 times better than the performance of the standard filter. It continuously filters particles up to 0.5 micron which minimizes abrasion significantly and it removes water from oil and diesel.

Improvement of lubrication

The micfil ultra-fine filter removes particles down to 0.5 micron this minimizes abrasion significantly. Any smaller particles don’t harm the engine; instead it improves lubrication and thermal resistance of the oil due to the enrichment of tiny carbon and other particles which don’t cause wear and tear. The longer the oil is used with these filters, the better it will be.

Conventional oil changes aren’t necessary anymore

Engine oil is a mineral with additives which does not age or break down but once it does its job in the engine water, dirt, metal particles etc will contaminate it. A standard filter can’t remove the damaging particles from the oil; this is the reason why a regular oil change was mandatory.
The micfil ultra-fine filter removes water and all other damaging particles down to a size of 0.5 micron. Any particle the size smaller than 0.5 micron helps the oil to improve its properties. This benefit will be even more apparent after longer use.

To maintain this beneficial effect – DO NOT change the oil when using a micfil ultra-fine filter as long as there is no technical issue. Just check the oil level and quality regularly and change the filter inserts when they are clogged up.

The micfil ultra-fine filter recycles the oil in the engine.

The micfil ultra-fine filter for hydraulic oil:
90% of the causes of a hydraulic failure are contaminated hydraulic oils due to neglected maintenance. The modern hydraulic systems run on an oil film of less than 10 micron to ensure a trouble-free operation. This requires perfectly clean oil. In real life many oils in hydraulic systems’ are highly contaminated which is not always visible for the human eye because we can only see particles down to 40 micron.
The micfil ultra-fine filter is fitted in the return line and provides a permanent cleaning of the hydraulic oil from particles and water. The filter performance is down 0.5 micron and literally recycles the oil within the system.

The micfil ultra-fine filter for Diesel, Biodiesel and Biofuel:
The micfil ultra-fine enables a much better filter performance than standard fuel filters. It removes particles down to 0.5 micron and water to prevent damage on injection pump and injection nozzles.

The micfil ultra-fine filter reduces pollution significantly!

The filter for fuel can be fitted as follows:
Between fuel feed pump and standard fuel filter
Between fuel bunker and day tank
As external fuel maintenance equipment with fuel feed pump.

Micfil ultra-fine filters are suitable for oils in all engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, for diesel, biodiesel and bio fuel/vegetable oil in:
o Engines and gear boxes of busses and trucks
o Main engines, bow thrusters, generators and hydraulic systems, fishing boats, sail- and motor boats
o Wind generator gearboxes
o Engines from Combined heat and power units and Biogas plants
o Engines, gear boxes and hydraulic systems of heavy machinery and agricultural machinery etc.
o Hydraulic systems in factories and assembly plants
o Transformers and much more.

The fitting position of the filter is as follows:
– in a bypass for engines and gearboxes
– in the feed line for fuel
– in the return line for hydraulic oil

The filter housing of the micfil ultra-fine filters are available in saltwater resistant aluminium and in stainless steel. The stainless steel housing complies with the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) which requires a higher melting point than 925o C of any additionally installed filter on a commercial ship. The micfil ultra-fine filter housing and inserts are available in 3 sizes: 150 mm, 300 mm, and 600 mm.
The micfil ultra-fine filters are made of highest quality with cellulose fibres woven within a tear-resistant fibre mesh. This enables a filtration performance down to 0.5 microns and provides a very high filterability of contaminated oils and fuels. The use of micfil ultra-fine filters extends the life span of any machinery, engine, hydraulic system etc. It lowers the pressure on the differential and absorbs damaging water.

The micfil ultra-fine filters extend the life span of your equipment, reduce wear and tear and reduce maintenance costs significantly.

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