Working green means working environmentally friendly – in our case using diesel machinery which is powered with straight vegetable oil to reduce pollution significantly. (This is NOT biodiesel, this is bio fuel)

The use of straight vegetable oil to power diesel machines reduces the greenhouse gas emission by up to 80%!!! compared to the usage of fossil fuel. This is significant!

We hope to get many garden- and landscape businesses, earthmoving businesses, road work businesses who are running light tower generators, diesel generators etc to join us to reduce pollution significantly by converting their diesel machinery to run those with straight vegetable oil without any additives or chemicals.

How you can help:

If you need a business to do some machinery work on your property then please start asking the relevant businesses if they are working green and if they don’t then please ask them if they would change. If they don’t want to change, then please chose another business who is already working green or want’s to join in.
We need to start somewhere and this is how we can actively do it.


More info to come.

Any feedback is very welcome.

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    eco-sensitive power generation
    by using straight vegetable oil / waste vegetable oil