Vegetable oil must not be confused with biodiesel. Biodiesel is chemically processed and much more expensive than straight vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is environmentally friendly to produce and to handle.

Recycled waste vegetable oil, which is certainly more ecologically, can be used as excellent fuel.

Biodiesel = Rapsmethylester = RME Biodiesel is chemically produced and substantially more expensive than plain vegetable oil.

A problem is the durability of plastic and rubber components (sealings), which come into contact with biodiesel. If biodiesel is used in a system that has not been adapted, leakages on the fuel system and defects on injection pumps are the most frequently troubles. When using pure, untreated vegetable oil, these problems will not occur.

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    eco-sensitive –  environmentally friendly power generation by using straight vegetable oil / waste vegetable oil as fuel in diesel engines